ritten Instructions

1) Add a Recipe to a Recipe Collection from within its edit page:

  • Go to your 'Home' tab and click 'Recipe Collections' on the left-hand side menu bar

Pro Tip: You can filter recipes by Collections you created or collections created by The Meal Garden Nutrition Team. 

  • Click the Recipe Collection you would like to edit
  • When the Collection opens, you'll see two tabs: recipes and details. 
  • The recipes tag provides the ability to review existing and add new recipes to the collection. 
  • The details view provides for the editing of the name, the description and any associated tags. 
  • When you select 'add recipes' you'll be presented with the standard search bar. 

When you enter a search term you can narrow down your search criteria. 

When the results are returned (image below), you select the recipes you'd like to add and press 'Add Selected Recipes'.  

You can also review each recipe by clicking on it.


At anytime, in almost any screen, you can click on the floating bar of a recipe and add it to any collection. 

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