Go to the 'Content' tab (1) and select 'Meal Plans' (2) in the left-hand menu. Then click 'Create' (3).


Give your plan a name (4), a concise useful description (5), and tag it (6) to categorize it in searches and content categories. Establish the accessibility settings (7) ['Is public' 'Is restricted' and 'is paid only']. Comments are automatically enabled, but you can un-check this box if you would like to restrict clients from commenting (8). Decide if you want to schedule any snacks (9).

Please Note: by default, there is a snack after dinner in every meal plan

If you wish to set nutritional restrictions, scroll down and click any of the appropriate boxes under 'Diet Type' (10). This will filter the recipes that will appear in searches within the plan. If necessary, enter any 'Other Exclusions' (11) [allergies or dislikes]

PRO TIP: to save these restrictions as a 'Preset' diet, select 'NEW' from the drop-down menu, and then click 'Save' (12)

Name the preset diet (13) and click 'Submit' (14).

To use a preset diet, select it from the drop-down menu (15) and click 'Use' (16). To delete a preset restriction, select it from the drop-down menu and click 'Delete' (17). Click 'Save' (18) to start scheduling recipes in the meal plan.

 To delete a plan, click 'Delete' (19) or drag it to the garbage bin.

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