Material Boards are similar to portals and are used to share your content with individual clients in a tailored way. Each client has their own board, which you 'pin' content to for them to access.

Please Note: comments made on content are public. Confidential discussions with clients should not be had through comments on Meal Garden content.

Written Instructions:

In the 'Clients' tab (1) select a client (2) from your client list.

You will be taken to their Materials Board, presented in the image below.  Here, you can add a personalized message for your client and then add content specific to them (1)

Pro Tip: if you do not enter anything in the 'Message Above Content' field, the 'Default Message for Customer Board' from your Public Profile will be used.

From the Add Content button, you can add existing content or create new content specific to this client.

Select from your content by checking the tick box on the left of the content icons (9). Once you've selected what content to pin to their board, click 'Pin' (10).

Pro Tip: you can share content with multiple clients at once, click here to learn how! 

New content will be flagged as 'New' for the client (11).

Click the preview button (12) at the bottom of the screen to see what the client will see when they access their Materials Board. To notify clients of newly pinned content, click the mail button (13). This will send your client an email notifying them they have new content on their board. 

To remove content from a Materials Board, click and hold what you want to delete and drag it down to the bottom of the screen (click play below to see how it works)

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