As your client, Meal Garden users will be able to access material that you prepare for them or that you share with your clients in general, this material can include recipe collections, meal plans, activities or reading material. 

In addition, clients can access the chat function and communicate with you directly through the program. 

Other Great Reasons to Join: 

  • it's free
  • they can access your content via computer and/or mobile phone (app available for Android & Apple) 
  • they can add to or modify the meal plans you provide them with
  • they will obtain regular user functionality (e.g. meal scheduler, grocery list generator), plus free content
    Invite customers to sign up by:

Option 1: Sending an invitation directly from your client list, OR

Option 2: Sharing your invitation link 

Option 1: Sending an invitation directly from your client list

First, open your clients screen from the top menu bar by clicking on 'clients' (1)

If you've already created your client, you can simply press 'invite' (2)

Alternatively, you'll need to create the client via the 'create' button (3)

If you are creating a new client you'll need to add their name, email address and phone number in the dialogue presented.  The systems default is to send an invite after creating a client, so if you don't want this to happen, you can unselect this option (4).

If you haven't set-up a specific board for your client, they'll see your home content board when they log into Meal Garden (see second image, below), if you have set-up a custom materials board for them, they'll see the information you've added to it.

To learn more about setting up a materials board for your clients, click here. 

Option 2: Sharing your invitation link 

To do this, you simply click on the client sign-up link button on your home screen and send that link to your customers via email or sms. 

Pro Tip: When you invite your clients your clients, they will be asked to create a Meal Garden account and will then be linked to you.  If they already have an account, then you can simply add them through the Client screen to link them to you.  Meal Garden is FREE for your clients. 

After logging in or creating an account:
The client will be taken straight to their Materials Board (1) to see the content that you have pinned for them. They can access their Materials Board from anywhere in Meal Garden by clicking your profile name (2), which is the first tab right next to their 'Schedule' tab.

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