Content (recipes, collections, plans and articles) in your Meal Garden can be shared in a variety of ways.  Depending on how you plan on employing the content, you can set-up different privacy settings. 

First, open 'Privacy Settings' in the details section of your content:

Then, you will be presented with the following options:

NOTE: The examples below use meal plan's as the content.  All content behaves the same way when it comes to privacy. 

The Public Option

If you check 'public' the content will be:

  • discoverable in all searches conducted on Meal Garden, by any user
  • available to anyone who has the direct link (including non Meal Garden users)
  • discoverable in Google searches

Public options is great for content you want to be discoverable or is used as a lead magnet on your website.

The icon on the bottom right corner of the highlighted meal plan indicates that it is marked public. (you can hover over the symbol and a tool tip will appear)

The Private Option

If you check 'private', you'll see the icon high lighted below.

Key Features of the Private Option:

1) People who have the link for the content (see below) can access this content.

2) When you add the content to a clients board, they will have access to it (see below)

3) If you add the content to your public board, anyone who access your public board will have access to it (see below)

The Private options is great for content exclusive to your paid clients.  

Important Note: Content marked as private can be shared (aka forwarded) by anyone who has the link.  

The Protected Option

Generally, the protected option is used for content that is part of a paid program or in the case that it is uses as part of your paid Meal Garden.   

The meal plan highlighted below has been marked 'protected'

When a piece of content is protected, it will not have the share action available and must be placed in a client portal or into a program by you.  

Also, if someone who has purchased your content shares the link, the recipient will receive a 404 message when they try to visit the link.

The protected option is best used for content you sell or do not want people sharing with others. 

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