Written Instructions:

In a meal plan click the Meals tab along the left to view the schedule.

Select a meal slot on a specific day to add content:

This will reveal the search bar to add a recipe, add a simple food, or you can add a note with the "Add Note" button.

If you've searched and clicked on a recipe, you can schedule it in that meal slot by clicking the Schedule button.  The nutritional panel on the right will highlight changes in nutrition after adding this recipe.

The next screen will allow you to scale the recipe (This is only needed if the portions in the recipe are too small or large for your purposes.  This scales a single portion by the percentage given.) or schedule the recipe over multiple slots.  If you choose "Plan Leftovers" then you are intending for the person to make the recipe once and store leftovers for the following days.  If you choose "Plan to Make Again" then you're intending for the person to make the same recipe again on each given slot.  Click Finish to finalize the change.

You can drag and drop recipes within the plan. To delete a recipe, click and drag it toward the bottom of the screen where a garbage can will appear.  To make a copy or plan a leftover you can hold down the "Ctrl" key while dragging.  Each change is immediately saved so when you're done you can just move on to something else.

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