Written Instructions:

In a meal plan under 'Plan Details', click the 'Edit Schedule' (1) button.

Select a meal on a specific day (2).

This will reveal the search bar (3). Search for a recipe.

Select the recipe you want to schedule, and click the 'Schedule' button (4).

Click on the drop down menu next to 'Plan' set leftovers for this recipe on other days, or schedule to make this recipe again (5). Check on the days when you would like to schedule leftovers or new batches of this recipe by checking the boxes next to each meal or snack (6). Another easy way to add recipes as leftovers or plan to make them again is to hold down 'Ctrl' on your keyboard, then drag the selected recipe over to a new spot on the schedule. This will copy the recipe.

When you are done, click 'Done' just under the recipe title at the top of the screen.

You can drag and drop recipes within the plan (7). To delete a recipe, click and drag it toward the bottom of the screen where a garbage can will appear (8). When the schedule is completed to your liking, click the 'Done' button (9).

You will see the scheduled meals under 'Plan Details:' (10).

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