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When creating/editing a recipe, there are 4 different ways to monitor the nutrition per serving [see left-hand side bar]:

  • Nutrient values 
  • Food group servings
  • Percent macronutrients 
  • Health Rating algorithm

Furthermore, in any finished recipe you can find 3 types of nutritional information:

Please Note: clients can also see this information, but if they have not yet joined Meal Garden, you can copy + paste it to them, or send a screen shot.

1) Standard Nutrition Facts per serving 

The Nutrition Facts Table is located near the bottom of every recipe recipe (1)

2) Detailed Nutrition Information per serving

Click 'Show Nutrients' (2) on the bottom tab.

Remember, this is the detailed breakdown for 1 serving (4)

3) Nutrition by Ingredient for the entire recipe

Click "Show Ingredients Nutrition" (4) on the bottom tab. 

Remember, this is the nutrition for the entire recipe (5).

PLEASE NOTE: all values are in 'grams', except for calories (6) which are in 'kcal'.

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