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Getting Started

Open up your weekly planner (the first screen you see when you sign into Meal Garden) and click the "+" icon next to the meal that you want to schedule. 

Type in the type of recipe that you are looking for.

Under "Ready In", choose a cook time that best fits your situation

Click "Find"

You should see a list of recipes populate. You can sort these recipes by "Health Rating", "Time" and "Simplicity"

Choose the recipe that you wish to schedule. Once you have reviewed the health rating, ingredients & cooking instructions , click "Schedule"

Choose how many guests you would like to schedule your meals for. You also have the option to plan leftovers for the rest of the week. If you wish to do that, simply click "Plan Leftovers" near the bottom of the screen and choose the days that you want to schedule for.

Once you're ready, click "Schedule"

Congratulations! You have scheduled your first meal in Meal Garden. Want to get started?

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