1. In Meal Garden, the print function will launch your browsers print dialogue, you will be prompted to print to a printer or to save to PDF. 

To Print the Meal Plan

When you open a meal plan you should see a box with "Preview Options" (image below).

Before you print, ensure you've scaled the recipes for your client ( 1 ).

Then, press 'Download PDF' ( 2 )

After pressing 'Print Schedule & Recipes' (2) you'll be presented with the options screen below: 

You can choose which parts of the plan are included in your print out. 

Once you've selected the parts you want included, press 'Print' and you will launch your browsers Print Function. 

Wait while your PDF is being generated... 

Once your PDF is ready, you will either select to print to an attached printer OR to Print to PDF.  Each browser behaves a little differently, but generally, you'll be asked to choose a location to save the file to. 

The image below shows how to save to PDF in Google Chrome. 

And what it looks like in Apple Safari:

And what it looks like in Firefox: 

And what it looks like in Microsoft Products:  

Note: all images above are 'as of' July 2019 and subject to change with the plans of the individual developers.

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