Once you've found the meal plan you like, you can either print it directly from the preview or copy and modify the meal plan. 

(Pro Tip: "Personalize" is the recommended approach.  This way, you'll have a record of which meal plans you've shared with which clients in Meal Garden)

To Personalize a Meal Plan: 

Note: This article assumes you've reviewed the 'Meal Garden Professional Meal Plans' article or 'Search for Recipes or Meal Plans'.

Personalize (make a copy with a new name)

Once you've found a plan you'd like to copy, click 'Personalize' and you'll be presented with the following screen: 

Create the New Name for your meal plan and press Copy.

Once you press copy, you'll be taken to the screen below, where you can continue to work with your Meal Plan. 

You can now edit the plan to add or remove recipes/foods as you wish, or use it as is! 

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