Click on the ‘Cookbook’ tab (1) and type something in the search bar (2). If you wish, you can filter your search by time (3). Click the 'Find' button (5).

You can also click the wheel next to the search bar (4) for advanced search options.
These include:

  • Using specific words or phrases in the search (6)
  • Overriding your current diet restrictions (7) (these are the diet restrictions set on your personal profile). For example, if you have your profile set to be dairy free, clicking this box will allow you see recipes including dairy. (See more about setting dietary restrictions here).
  • Setting specific nutrient requirements. Use the drop down menu to choose a nutrient (8), then choose more than ( < ) or less than ( > ) (9) and use the third box to set numerical amount (10)
  • Searching only your recipes (11)
  • Searching only raw recipes
  • Searching only kid friendly recipes

Notice how many results you get (12). If you wish, you can sort (14) the results by:

  • Recent: most recently added recipes first
  • Health Rating: recipes with highest Health Rating first
  • Time: quickest recipes first
  • Simplicity: recipes with the fewest ingredients first

Please Note: searches will always show your Cookbook recipes first. Scrolling down past them will then show the recipes found in the database. 

To see meal plan results, click meal plans (13). 


Instead of using the advanced search options, you can also use the search bar to:

  • search by specific nutrient amounts
  • include or exclude specific ingredients
  • search by tag or category


To search for recipes with specific nutrient amounts, use the following search code:

 # + Specific Nutrient +> OR < (Specific Number)

Eg. food with less than 600 calories, type: #calories<600

In addition to numbers, you can also put words after these codes to look for specific foods. 

Eg. chicken dish with less than 50 g carbs, type: #carbs<50 chicken

Please Note: Search by Nutrient Amounts does not apply to meal plans

Below is a list of nutrients you can search by and their measurements:

#carb: g

#protein: g

#fat: g

#calories: kcal

#sugar: g

#cholesterol: mg

#saturated: g

#trans: g

#fiber: g

#iron: mg 

#sodium: mg


Put words after the following codes to include or exclude ingredients:

#mine: searches things created/imported by you

#all: bypasses any diet restrictions you have set 

#not or no: excludes all words following this code (except keywords)

quotation marks (" "): allows you to search for ingredients that have 2 or more words (eg. coconut flour needs to be “coconut flour”, or the system will think its 'coconut' and 'flour' separately)


You can type the following terms before search words to find different types of recipes/meal plans (even if they don't have the word in the 'Title' or 'Instructions'):

  • rd approved: reviewed and approved by a Registered Dietitian
  • kids/baby: kid friendly
  • raw: no cooking time
  • keto: carbs less than or equal to 15% and fat greater than or equal to 70%.
  • seafoodfree
  • eggfree
  • pescetarian
  • dairyfree, dairy-free, non-dairy
  • glutenfree, gluten-free
  • macrobiotic
  • lowfodmap
  • paleo
  • aip: Autoimmune Protocol
  • bulletproof: excludes all bulletproof red or toxic ingredients
  • bulletproofstrict: excludes all yellow, orange and red or toxic ingredients
  • nightshadefree
  • peanutfree
  • nutfree
  • refinedsugarfree: excludes all processed sugar

You can also use any of the Tags below to find specifically tagged recipes/meal plans:

Lastly, you can use any of the following Categories: 

  • appetizer
  • beverage or drink
  • breakfast
  • dessert or sweet
  • lunch
  • main or dinner
  • salad
  • side
  • snack
  • soup
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