Clicking on the light bulb icon can take you to a ton of great places in Meal Garden for recipe inspiration! From your “Schedule” it can connect you to other meal plans in the Meal Garden library and from “My Cookbook” it can help you explore the different recipe collections and meal plans in our library! From there you are able to select new meal plans and collections you want to add to your cookbook.

From your Schedule Page:

Click on the light bulb icon that appears in the upper right-hand corner and a smaller screen will appear saying “Meal Garden meal plan library”. Clicking on it will take you to our collection of meal plans. It has something for everyone!

If you click on a meal plan from this library you can have the option to schedule it to your week (this week, next, or the week after) using the “Schedule” button.

*NOTE: Feel free to tailor your meal plan to work for you*

Working with pre-made meals does not mean you can't customize them to fit your needs! Using the steps outlined above, add the desired meal plan to your weekly schedule. Once its in your Scheduler you can add or delete items just as if you were scheduling recipes from your Cookbook. To delete an item, drag it to the trashcan in the bottom-middle section of the page. To add new recipes, click the "+" icon for the meal you wish to modify and search recipes from your Cookbook to add. 

For more information on scheduling recipes click here.

From your Cookbook page:

Click on the light bulb icon that appears in the upper right-hand corner in your Cookbook and a smaller screen will appear that can take you to two places: our meal plan library or our recipe collections. The first option will take you to our meal plan library and you can follow the same steps described above to schedule a recipe to your desired week.

The second option will take you to our recipe collections. This is a great resource if you’re simply looking for ideas – it has so many collections for any occasion, from “Meals for 1” and  “Kosher recipes” to “Oscar party recipes” and everything in between! Once you find a collection you’re interested in click “More options” and then  “Follow recipe collection”. The recipes from this collection will then appear in your cookbook when you select “Include collections I follow” in the recipe inclusion criteria.

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