When you set up your Meal Garden Family Profile, you’ll have to option to fill-in your anthropometric data. 

Once that’s complete, you’ll get the appropriate daily dietary targets for each member of your family - accessible by clicking Diet in your Profile settings. 

We use your age, weight, height, gender, and lifestyle activity level to assess your own specific daily dietary targets in order to maintain your current state. You can choose to select the option to ‘Auto-scale recipe portions’, which will automatically adjust your serving requirements for each individual in your family. 

This means that when you plan meals, our tool will automatically plan the exact amount of food required for each individual. For example, if your dietary requirements are 1800 calories/day, you will be scheduled .9 of a portion for each meal. If dietary requirements are larger than the regular 2000 calories/day diet, for instance 2100, we will schedule 1.05 portions for each serving planned for that individual. 

What’s more is that you can edit those calculated values to increase/decrease portion sizes if you are looking to gain/loose weight, so it can be used to take into account your own personal health goals - or a health/fitness specialist’s recommendations. 

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