Video Instructions

Note: the video above uses the Meal Garden 1.0 user interface, changes have been made to the interface since this video was created, see below of screen references.

Written Instructions

Content Categories organize content with a program. A client can browse a Program's content by these categories [see image of Program home page below].

To create a Content Category, go to your 'account' and then to 'content categories'.

Title the category, upload an image, and select the tags that you will use to categorize content into this category. Any content in your programs with these tags will be categorized into this specific Content Categories. If you want to create a custom tag, click 'New Tag' (7).

Name the new Tag (8) and click 'Save' (9). 

Please Note: these tags can be used on all Meal Garden content, including Recipes, Recipe Collections, Meal Plans, and Reading Materials. 

When finished setting up this category, click 'Save' (10).

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