When creating/editing a meal plan, there are 4 different types of nutrition information in the right-hand side bar, that you can scroll through to monitor the nutrition per serving:

  • Macro-nutrient balance (1)
  • Nutrients (2)
  • Dietary Servings (3)
  • Health Rating algorithm (4), which is based on scientific research

You can click on the Health Rating to see what the algorithm has identified as 'Healthy' (5) and "Not so Healthy' (6).

Furthermore, in any finished meal plan you can find 3 types of nutritional information:

  • Nutrients per person
  • Food group servings
  • Macro-nutrient amounts

Please Note: clients with Meal Garden accounts are also able to see this information

Select a meal plan, and under 'Plan Details:', click 'More Options...'(1).

Click 'Nutritional Details' (2).

First you will see the 'Nutrients per person:' table (3).

Scroll down to see the 'Dietary Servings:' table (4).

Finally, you will see the 'Macro-Nutrient Balance:' table (5).

Please Note: the 'Total' column in the 'Macro-Nutrient Balance' table is not a weekly total. It is the percent of calories that macronutrient is contributing to the week's total calories.

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