Setting your preferred measurement units in your Account will ensure Meal Garden recipes are converted appropriately for you.

Under the 'Account' tab (1), in the left-hand menu bar click 'General' (2).

Scroll down and under 'Other', click on 'Preferred measures:' (3).

Select imperial or metric units from the drop-down menu.

One thing to keep in mind: when "grams/liters" or "pounds/Us fl OZ" are chosen, then the cooking instructions specific measures, such as cups, tbsp and tsp, still stay as such within recipes. This is because those are used by cooks across countries as convenient in-kitchen measures. In a shopping list, however, everything would be in "grams/liters" or "pounds/Us fl OZ", as chosen,  because that is what's usually specified on packaging. Exception are measures like "medium apple" and such, because those are usually bought by piece.

For example, if a recipe states "1 teaspoon of honey", it'll stay as a teaspoon on the recipe, because most of people would use a teaspoon, not a milliliter or fl OZ measuring tool, when cooking. In the shopping list, it'll be converted to milliliters or fl OZ, because containers in which honey is sold specify ml/OZ, not teaspoons.

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