It is recommended you join Meal Garden when working with a Professional so that you can access your content in one place (your Materials Board).

Other Great Reasons to Join Meal Garden: 

  • it's free
  • you can access your content via computer and/or mobile phone (app available for Android & Apple) 
  • you can add to or modify the meal plans the professional provides you with
  • you will obtain regular user functionality (e.g. meal scheduler, grocery list generator), plus free content

After a Professional sends you an email invitation to join Meal Garden, you simply need to click the link (1) [see email below].

Click the 'Accept and Create an Account' button (2).

You will see a preview of the professional's Public Profile (3). You will need to fill in your details, enter a promo code (4) if you have one, and click 'Get Started' (5).

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