Written Instructions:

A client list will allow you to manage and interact with your customers. 

To begin build a client list, click ‘Clients’ in the main menu (1) and then click the 'Add a Client' button (2)

Enter your client's information (3) and click 'Save' (4):

If you didn't use the "Automatically send an invitation" you can then invite them to join Meal Garden by clicking the 'Invite' button [this will send an email invitation with a link they can use to join you as a client on Meal Garden]. As members, clients will be able to access the content you made for them in one place (their Materials Board)

When the client receives the email they need to click the invitation link to accept it.  If they're already a user they'll be shown a page where they can accept that looks like the following:

If your client is new then they'll be given a sign up screen to create a new account and will be automatically connected as a client when they've completed it.  Here's how it looks:

To delete a client, click the garbage can icon:

Please Note: click here to learn how to manage your client list 

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