If you are creating a recipe that uses another, pre-existing recipe, you can include easily insert that pre-existing recipe's ingredients, directions, and nutritional facts without having to re type them out.

Please Note: the sub-recipe area is not for ingredients that belong to a one component of a multi component recipe (example a salad with a salad dressing). If you would like to specify which ingredients are for which component of a multi-component recipe, simply state which component the ingredient belongs to in the comments section. See example here.

To use a pre-existing recipe (this is the sub recipe) within a recipe, you need to know how much the sub-recipe yields by weight (reported in grams). 

Please Note: If you do not have this information, see end of article for other options.

Written Instructions

First, create the sub-recipe as it's own recipe.

On the left-hand navigation menu, click "Create" (1). On the pop-up menu, click 'Recipe' (2). 

In the recipe edit page, enter the recipe as you normal would. Make sure to enter the 'Total Yield Weight (gm):' (3). Enter the 'Total Yield Volume (ml):' (4) if you know it. Click 'Save' (5).

Please Note: Total Yield Volume (ml) is optional, but it allows you to specify volume measurements for this sub-recipe when listing it as an ingredients in other recipes.

Next, as you normally would enter a recipe, create the recipe that you want the sub-recipe to be used in. In its recipe edit page, under 'Ingredients', click the 'Add Sub-Recipe' button (6). 

Enter the name of the sub-recipe you created, and select from the pop-up menu (7), and fill out the rest of the component's ingredient details (8). Click 'Save' (9).

If you cannot find the yield for the sub-recipe, try these options:

1) Listing all of the sub-recipe ingredients within the main recipe and simply making a note of it in the 'Comment' field. See example of listing 'Dressing' ingredients within salad recipe.

Please Note: all the ingredients are included in the nutritional analysis, so ensure the amounts of the sub-recipe ingredients are proportional to the main recipe's servings

2) Making separate recipes for the sub-recipe and main recipe. Then add the link for the sub-recipe in the 'Notes' section of the main recipe, and schedule both recipes along-side each other.

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