When printing or saving Meal Plans and Recipe Collections as PDFs, you can choose to hide certain elements.

Hiding Elements in Meal Plans:

When viewing a meal plan, look for the "Preview Options" box.  Set the number of servings the plan is for and then click "Print Schedule & Recipes":

A popup dialog should give you print options that will allow you to hide particular components of the print out:

Options Explained:

"Health Rating" controls whether the Meal Garden health rating is shown:

"Nutritional Label" (1), "Dietary Servings" (2), and "Nutrient Balance" (3) affect the portion of the recipe print out show below.  Additionally, the latter 2 options will affect related portions in the "Plan Nutrition Totals".

"Plan Nutritional Totals" is included after the title page and gives nutrition totals for each day.
The "Shopping List" is a list of all ingredients in the plan and is included at the end of the print out.

Hiding Elements in Recipe Collections:

Collection printing works very similarly to plan printing.  When editing a collection you can find the "Print All Recipes" option under "More Options...".  When viewing a collection you can find the "Print All Recipes" option in the action bar at the bottom of the screen.
The options are identical to the meal plan ones except there is no "Plan Nutritional Totals".  For clarification on the options please see the meal plan section above.

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