As a professional you have exclusive access to Meal Plans that you can copy, edit, and offer to your clients.

Go to the 'Home' tab (1) along the top right menu bar, and click 'Meal Plans' (2). 

From here, click the 'Pre-made Plans' tab (3) to search and browse meal plans prepared and verified by Meal Garden Staff. 

To explore the content you can: 

  1. Scroll up and down 
  2. Use the search bar (4). To use the search bar just enter your criteria (low carb, keto, etc.) and press 'find'. 

To preview a particular meal plan, click on the image (5).

From the preview, you can review the details of the plan with the following actions: 

  • See Shopping List ( 1 )
  • Nutritional Details ( 2 )

If you like what you see, you can scale the recipe (3) and print directly from this screen (4).  The print function will provide you a PDF of the details you select with your logo.  

You can also copy and modify (5) the meal plan from this screen and then share with your clients through the client portal. 

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