Users can save your content to their profile by copying it. This will allow them to add it to their profile for easy access and storage. An example with a recipe collection is shown below.

Please Note: For users to save content not on your Home Board, you must add them as clients by inviting them from your client list or by sharing your invite link. Otherwise they will only be able to save the public content on your Home Board.

Written Instructions:

Save a Professional's Recipe Collection:

  • Click into the professional's collection that you want to save (1) and click 'Copy' (2)
  • Rename the duplicate (3) (we suggest renaming it so you know where it came from), and click the 'Copy' button (4)
  • Go to the 'My Collections' tab (5) in your 'Cookbook' (6)
  • Access the collection from there (7)
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