Meal Garden scales recipes within meal plans according to your health parameters (i.e sex, weight, height, activity level) to meet nutritional targets. Scaling is only applied to recipes once they are in a meal plan and that meal plan is scheduled. If you are simply viewing a meal plan, the recipes will not be scaled.

Please Note: All meal plans are created for 1 person. When you schedule the meal plan you will be given the chance to scale it to feed more than one individual.

Written Instructions:

To scale meal plans according to specific nutritional targets:

Under the 'Account' tab (1), click 'My Family' (2). Then click the 'Edit' button (3) to fill in your health parameters. To add a family member click the 'Add by typing' button (4).

Fill in their information (5) and click 'Save' (6).

Under 'Diet' (7), you will see each individual's recommended 'Daily Dietary Targets' (8). If you wish, you may alter these numbers from the recommendations (9). To enable scaling, check off 'Auto-scale recipe portions' (10) and don't forget to 'Save' (11).

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