Branding your Meal Garden hosted content with a logo is important. The two points below will help you make sure it looks the best.

1. Make sure your logo image does not have extra space at it's sides. You can use any photo editing program for that, since cropping feature is a staple one for all of them. One of the currently available easy online editors is a free Photo Editor by BeFunky: Please follow instructions of your photo editor of choice to crop out the empty edges of your logo image. If the PhotoEditor from above is not available online just google "crop image" and you'll find many free tools you can use.

Below is an example of a logo as it was created by an artist:

And here is the same logo, but after cropping:

2. If your logo contains an image and a company name and/or a tag line, consider using only one or two elements of it that will show best in small size. 

You can cut out the element of choice using the same cropping feature that was mentioned above. 

Below is an example of using only an image from the example logo we used above:

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