Your clients can now log their meals as well as plan them. Here's how!

Click 'Schedule' (1) on the top menu bar. Next hit the plus sign (2) to add either a note, an image, or a recipe. 

If your client had a recipe in the Meal Garden collection, they can add a recipe similar to if they were scheduling that recipe. To find a recipe, search in the search bar. 

If what your client had to eat is not a recipe currently in the Meal Garden collection, they can add a note or image to explain the meal. To add a note or image, hit the 'Add Note' button.

Type in the 'Title' and 'Details' box to type notes of what was consumed. Clients can add an image of their meal by dragging an image into the image box or clicking 'click here to select'. This will take you to your documents so you can upload any image on your phone or computer.

When done, click 'Add Note' and the title and or image will appear on your schedule. This will allow you to easily see what your clients had all week, with the option to add lots of detail.

Repeat for all meals and snacks to log all meals for the week!

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