Now that you copied one of our stock meal plans for professionals, it's time to personalize it and make any changes to make it perfect for you and your client.

Note: To learn how to copy a meal plan, click here.

Find your new copied plan by clicking 'Home' (1) on the top tool bar, then 'Meal Plans' (2) on the left hand tool bar. Click onto your new copied plan by simply clicking it.

Go to the "Details" tab and change the name(4) of the meal plan. Type in the space for description (5) to change the description of the plan. Be sure to save any changes by hitting the 'Save' button (6). 

Scroll down to see more details of the meal plan, like the planned meals and snacks. To make changes to the meals and snacks, press 'Meals' along the left

To move meals around in the plan, click on the recipe title and drag it around the plan (8). To move it to another day, hover it over that day and drop it into the correct slot. For example, to move the oatmeal breakfast from Monday breakfast to Tuesday breakfast, click on the recipe title, drag it over to the word 'breakfast' under Tuesday, and drop it there.

To delete a recipe, click and drag it over to the garbage can (9). The garbage can will only appear once you have clicked on and started dragging a recipe title.

To add a new recipe, click on the + sign next to whichever meal you would like to add it to (10). For example, if you want to add to Monday breakfast, click the + sign next to the work 'Breakfast' under Monday.

You can directly edit a recipe by first clicking on it and then clicking on "Edit" under the "More Options..."

Continue moving, deleting, editing, and adding recipes into the plan until it is perfect for you and your client.

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