Did you know you can format the title page of your printed meal plan or recipe collection? Here's how it's done!

Click 'Content' (1) on the tool bar at the top of the screen. Then click 'Meal Plans' or Recipe Collections' on the left hand tool bar (2). Click on the collection or plan you would like to format a title page for (3). Let's use this recipe collection called 'Quick Cooking Collection' as an example here. 

Once you click into the meal plan or recipe collection, click "Details" on the left side navigation. 

The next page you see is the page that will become the title page when you print this collection. That's the page in the image below.

You can personalize this page by using the Description box (5). You can write whatever you'd like to explain the collection or plan including what kinds of foods are featured or how to use it. You can format the text using the tool bar (6). You can add photos, numbered lists, bullet point lists, tables, or page breaks to make your title page your own. Everything you add will be set in the description box, and only what is in that box will print on your title page.

Make sure you hit 'Save' at the bottom of the page when you are done.

Below is an example of my formatted collection description and title page below.

Below is that same title page ready to print. You'll notice only what is in the description box is printed.

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