If you are an experienced healthcare professional, but new to Meal Garden, you likely have tons of helpful resources and articles for clients. You can upload all those resources you already have to the 'Reading Materials' area on Meal Garden. This way,  you can easily add them to your customers' boards or your programs.

Here is how it's done:

Click 'Create' (1) on the left toolbar, then 'Reading Material' (2) in the popup menu. 

You will now see the Create page, where you can write or upload articles. Give your article a title (3), decide on your privacy settings (4), and add any relevant tags (5). Tags will help other users search for your content if you decide to make this article public. 

The content area (6) is where you can write anything you'd like. Select an image for your article, or simply drag and drop one in (7). When you are done and ready to publish, click 'Save' (8).

In the content area, you will see a "plus" symbol in the editor toolbar.  Click on the 'paper' icon (10) to upload an existing article or resource.

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