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There are three ways to share content (recipes, collections, meal plans and articles) with your clients.

Below, we list the options from 'best' to 'still great' 

Option 1: Client Portal (best option)

Using the portal is your best option for many reasons, including: 

  • Easy to find - you'll never have to search your email for what you've provided your client - it's always in the portal
  • Easy to update - You can modify the content or add more easily, without having to email anyone 
  • Easy to communicate - Your clients can ask you questions from the chat function
  • Better tracking - using the portal can create a strong feedback loop for you and your client to use together as you chart progress 

Well not an exhaustive list of the benefits of the portal, the points above should help you to decide what's the best way to share based on your approach. 

(Pro Tip: The portal is part of your membership and there is no cost for your clients to join)

When using the portal, the first thing you need to do is invite your client to Meal Garden.  You do this by creating a client:

As presented in the video above, you have two options for sending the invite, immediately or later.  

Pro Tip: Send the invite after you've set-up their material board. 

When a client accepts your invitation to join Meal Garden, they will be able to access the content you made for them in one place (their Materials Board), and they will also be able to access your general content via your Home Board

Option 2: Send links

If you don't want to use the portal, for whatever the reason you can share links with your clients and they can print the content to PDF.

Here's how link sharing works with the key types of content elements in Meal Garden:

  1. Meal Plans - the link will provide the opportunity to review the meal plan and to print out the meal plan or the grocery list.  You can also sign-into/sign-up for Meal Garden from the link and the meal plan will be added to the account. 
  2. Recipe Collections - the link will provide the opportunity to review the recipes in the collection.  Any recipe can be printed out individually.  The collection can also be added to an existing account or a new account can be created. 
  3. Recipes - the link will provide the opportunity to review and print the recipe.  The recipe can be added to an existing Meal Garden account or a new account can be created.  

Pro Tip: 

If you are using a system like Healthier, Practice Better or any other practice management system, you can drop these links into that system and your users will be able to access their Meal Garden portals from these links! 

Option 3: Download PDF

The last option is to download a PDF and send them to the client via email/snail mail/courier or passenger pigeon. 

The Download to PDF option is available on all screens (in 'other', or in preview mode at the top of the page).  

You can learn more about printing meal plans and collections in this article.

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